Should you use Google Maps reviews to judge a clinic?

Many of the cosmetic surgery clinics in Vietnam are listed somewhere on Google Maps. The issue with trying to understand the reviews is most of the clients of these cosmetic clinics are locals. This means a high percentage of the clients and patients are Vietnamese people.

Google Maps

That translation is probably missing a few things or not correct at all
Google can translate the reviews from Vietnamese to English or your native language. The issue is Google translations are either half the time correct or half the time wrong.

Unless you know two or more languages and have used Google Translate (powers the auto translation) on Google Maps reviews. The reviews are most of the time unreadable because somethings you can’t really translate from one language and culture to another.

When a 1-star review is really suppose to be a 5-star
Another issue that will popup is some Vietnamese clients of these clients and in general when leaving reviews. Don’t exactly know how to leave reviews.

When a 1-star review is suppose to be a 5-star review. Just by looking at the number of stars for a review is a big issue. A Vietnamese client of the cosmetic clinic may of chosen 1-star when they meant 5-stars. If you read and understood the review then it may sound like they love the business but why is it a 1-star and not a 5-star review?

While a less common occurrence is when a negative review has 5-stars. More likely you will encounter a glowing and great review of the business but the review has only 1 star. When the reviewer meant to leave 5 stars.

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