Process for plastic surgery

The following is the typical process that a patient would have to follow to complete a plastic surgery operation in Vietnam. Depending on the type of surgery you choose to have done and how complex it is, your stay in Vietnam can be from a few days to a few weeks.

Every cosmetic surgery clinic in Vietnam will have varying differences in how they carry out their procedures. The process outline below is meant to give you an idea of the process. Each clinic will have a different process in managing the care of their patients.

Step 1 – Make the appointment: You will have to pickup the phone, show up at the clinic, send an email, or send a Facebook message to the cosmetic clinic that you are interested in. You can not just walk in and expect the clinic to be able to operate on you on the same day.

When you make the initial appointment with the cosmetic clinic. You are also setting up the date for your operation. The appointment you make will most likely include a doctor examining you, consult with the doctor, payment for the operation, and the operation on the same day. Unless you schedule your consult with your doctor and the operation on separate dates. Expect whatever date you show up to be also your operation date.

When you are making the appointment over the phone, email, or Facebook. Pretty much if you are not physically at the clinic during the time of your appointment. The cosmetic clinic will probably want to see the body part that you want them to operate on. You will have to most likely take pictures of the body part that you want the cosmetic clinic to operate on. After you take pictures of the appropriate area that you would like to be operated on. You will have to send the pictures to the clinic.

If you are not in Vietnam and don’t want to send the pictures to the clinic. The cosmetic clinic will still see you but the quote for how much it will cost may not be accurate.

Information the clinic will probably ask from you: Your full name, date of birth, telephone number, where you are from, how long will you be staying in Vietnam, how you plan to pay for the operation, what type of cosmetic operation did you want to have, and pictures of the area you want them to operate on.

After communicating back and forth, the clinic will eventually give you a date that works best for you. They may also give you specific instructions on what type of food to avoid before the surgery date.

Step 2 – Consult with doctor: On the appointment date you will arrive at the clinic. There will be some paperwork that has to be done. If you are reading this then there is a good chance you can’t read Vietnamese. Don’t worry if you managed to make an appointment with the clinic then it means they will have someone on staff that can communicate in English with you.

After you have completed the paperwork. You will have a consultation with the doctor that will operate on you. The doctor will examine you and verify what you want to be done. The doctor may show you videos or pictures of prior patients that have had the exact same operation that you are requesting. The doctors and staff will also go over some after care information so you can get an idea of your recovery time.

Once the consult is done then if you agree to proceed. Payment will be expected before the surgery can begin. The cosmetic clinics in Vietnam will always accept cash. Some cosmetic clinics accept credit cards. To make sure you don’t have any payment issues. It is highly recommended you bring the correct amount in cash.

After payment has been paid and settled. You will probably have to wait until the they are ready to operate on you.

Step 3 – surgery time: Depending on the clinic you decide to use they may make you change into their gowns. Some clinics will only require you to remove the clothes covering the area that they operating on. It varies from clinic to clinic. Surgery time depending on the type of plastic surgery you are having can be from less than an hour to a couple of hours.

If your surgery requires an overnight stay then they will probably provide you with a bed inside their facility for you to rest overnight. If you want to stay at your hotel then you can also do that. recommends you stay at the facility if they offer you a bed there. It is never a good idea to be resting in your own hotel until the clinic has completed the surgery and the necessary follow ups.

The reason the clinic will want you to stay overnight is to make sure nothing is wrong and there are no complications.

Step 4 – Discharge: The clinic will discharge you after the doctor has examined you and verified that you are good to go home. The clinic will provide aftercare instructions and when you should come back to them for any necessary followups.

Every clinic will have different policies but there is a good chance you may have a lifetime warranty on what you just had done. Meaning if there are any issues that arises after they will fix it for you for no cost.

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